CS: Go Ported Third Dust Map Previously Known As PC Gamer's Demo Map

Part of the Counter-Strike history is the map that is called de_dust_pcg that was released way back 2005, and it is a product between the collaboration of Dave Johnston and PC Gamer. Johnston is the creator of the original Dust. Johnston made an explanation about this in a blog post. It was revealed that it was originally made for a tutorial for a certain magazine, thus it never actually attracted the attention which actually benefited Dust and Dust 2.

For certain, it will now have its second chance since a new video of Counter Strike's history as well as the changes that were made for the new version actually work. Johnston said that he was surprised at some of the choices that he made, as well as the choices of the layout that they exposed to players. According to PC Gamer, Dust 2 has a different depth of gameplay as compared to the map, however it has closer similarities to the original Dust when it comes to size and complexity.

It seems like it could be considered as Dust 0.8 if those things will be given a number. Johnston further said that he is still not sure if the dropped bomb spot is indeed a good idea but it was a fun experience to try it. As a magazine tutorial, the map did not have the same repetition as compared to Dust and Dust 2.

However, it reflected the various priorities of that certain era especially when there was an emphasis on lowering the barriers for a possible entry. It instead applied the concept of the all-important metagames that aid in enshrining longevity. Present-day gamers are fine with complicated map layouts, however the latest game engines are better equipped for the recreation and exploitation of the real world in order to guide players around the virtual world.

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