Valve Released The Discovery Update 2.0; Revamps Steam Front Page And More

Valve has recently rolled out an update on Steam which has been dubbed as The Discovery Update 2.0. The said update overhauls the front page of the online store and somewhat modifies the role of curators in Steam's larger environment.

According to the report from Kotaku, the revamp version of Steam's front page is similar to the old one, however, it has some few key differences. As seen on the new Steam front page, the game listings are now complemented by screenshots and if you hover the mouse over these games, you can see them in outstanding Big-O-Vision.

It is an unflappable change that also connects to the new policy which requires developers to post an actual screenshot of their respective game titles. By that notion, gamers would be able to gather some immediate information about the game they are looking at. This new policy also aims to get rid some of the pre-mature judgments.

The Discovery Update 2.0 also features the new friend activity section where you can see what your friends are currently up into and if ever you are interested in joining them, you can do it right away. The new sidebar now features more information and numerous sections like "recently updated" and "below $10" can now be personalized based on the games you have. In addition, several buttons are now larger and bluer.

Meanwhile, on the curator's side, it is no longer just about recommending games. Presently, some curator groups such as The Framerate Police and Anti-Consumer Practice Report have used the system in providing facts and warnings as well as endorsements. Valve has finally applied that response into the system's DNA which enables curators to designate whether they are recommending a particular game or not or if they are just providing information.

Apparently, those mentioned above was just the basic of The Discovery Update 2.0. You can explore the new update on your own Steam engine, experience the changes and let us know what you think.


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