Pixel XL And Google Pixel Problems Revealed; Flaring Lens And Distorted Audios Confirmed

Ever since the release of Google's smartphone, Google Pixel and Pixel XL, consumers are looking forward to grab and own one. Recent claims told that the newly-released phones were tagged as the top smartphones today. But it seems like few reviews took the time to carefully analyze Google Pixel and Pixel XL's specs and features.

Pixel XL and Google Pixel Faces Issues On Its Specs: Best Smartphone Claims Not Real?

Before you indulge into thinking that you should purchase the all-new Pixel XL and Google Pixel, make sure to hear out specific reviews that experts have expressed regarding the two smartphones. Sources told that the two devices suffer great issues on its specifications.

According to Tech Times, Pixel XL and Google Pixel are reported to have distorted audios. News stated that when the device is played in its highest volume, the audio shifts from being smooth to distort. Many reviews admitted that some applications produced irritating sounds when used, both in speaker or headset mode. With this, consumers are in highest hopes that Google put this issue into consideration.

Other than that, the flaring lenses are also one of the issues arising regarding the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. With many publications admitting that the smartphones are producing top-of-the-line photos through their cameras, recent reports tell otherwise. News admitted that the two devices, when hit by sunlight produce white, pink and purple rings. And despite Google's effort to fix this, issues still continue to occur on different consumers.

Pixel XL And Google Pixel Continuous Problems Arising: Connectivity And Microphone Issues Revealed

Besides the flaring and distorting reports, claims also proved that the two gadgets also have microphone problems. Reviews revealed that the microphones are inoperable at times, making the gadgets hassle to use and fully utilized.

Reviews also recommended consumer to keep looking at the connectivity, Google usage and data freezing issues of the all-new Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

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