‘Gravity Rush - Overture' Animation Review: The Prequel That Every Gamer Needed To Connect The Two Video Games

‘Gravity Rush - Overture' Animation Review: The Prequel That Every Gamer Needed To Connect The Two Video Games
Gravity Rush 2 tips have reportedly been revealed online showing the location of 6 ducks in the game. Furthermore, the director also confirmed more about the Raven DLC via an interview. Photo : PlayStation EU/YouTube

The awaited animated prequel to the highly acclaimed video game, “Gravity Rush” has just been released. The two-part animation video was released just after Christmas day. The said animation is set between the stories of the two “Gravity Rush” games, putting light to what happen in between.

“Gravity Rush – Overture” Is A Prequel For “Gravity Rush 2”

Sony Interactive Entertainment along with Japan Studio and Studio Khara presented just recently “Gravity Rush – Overture” by uploading the English-subbed version of it on the official YouTube channel of PlayStation. It is subbed in English because the creators made it using the made-up language intended for the game, which pretty much sounds like the dialogues in “The Sims” video game series. It is an animated video released to support the back stories of the events that took place between the first and second video games of “Gravity Rush”, otherwise referred to as “Gravity Daze” in Japan.

‘Gravity Daze – Overture” reveals and explains how the events in “Gravity Rush 2” unfolded, unveiling more cities to explore and more enemies to protect the world from. The animated prequel of “Gravity Rush 2” featured the growing bond between Raven and Kat, who initially fought each other under misinterpreted pretenses in the first installment of the game. Though it picks up where the first game ended, hopefully answering some of the lingering questions that left gamers hanging, the sequel will be set in an another whole new adventure. Avid fans of the said video game are hoping that it will reveal Kat and Raven’s origin story of how they became gravity shifters.

“Gravity Rush – Overture” Reveals Another World For Kat To Save

"Gravity Rush - Overture" opened with the vivid and fluid animation it boasted of in the original video game, introducing once again the heroine of the series, Kat. She leisurely takes a walk in the city, peaceful as it may seem, and gets into an action-packed encounter with countless low-leveled Nevi (monsters) just because they screwed up with her precious eating time. Just because of one small skewered meat, Kat unleashes her power while Syd, the trusted detective, looks on at a safe distance. After a few more brawls, the fight escalated as more Nevi attacked and Raven shows up, cool as usual.

While fighting off the Nevi, the two gravity shifters are engaged in a random topic of skewered meat and where the delicious ones can be found. After the fight, which evidently showcased the fighting prowess of the two as originally shown in the video game, an emergency alarm was released immediately announcing a disturbance in a certain area. Raven has pointed out that there has been more gravity storms and hoped that it would not be anything bad.

Heading straight to the scene of the crime, Kat and Raven, along with Syd, face off with an unnamed cyborg who have taken children and placed them in pods, which he referred to as cradles. The abducted children were most likely the missing children that the city has been looking for some time and the gravity shifters are not yet aware of this connection. They are suddenly ambushed by two new characters, who showed new powers that can devastatingly hurt Kat and Raven. When the two unleashed their combo move on the foes, the latter blew themselves up and Kat and Syd ended up getting sucked into most likely another dimension, and there, another adventure awaits Kat.

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