Clash Royale January 2017 Update To Add These Exciting Features

Supercell is not yet finished with the Christmas update of Clash Royale because next year, the players might be receiving four new cards and more events to come in the game. Also, a new arena will soon be added in the game.

The Four New Cards On Clash Royale To Be Introduced Next Year

According to Neurogadget, Clash Royale will be having a new card called Dart Goblin. It will be available on Jan. 13. The players will get new cards every two weeks after the release of the new goblin card. The players will be overwhelmed with what Supercell plans to add on the game.

Clash Royale will be having a new rare card called Battle Ram. The players will be needing four elixirs in order to use this card. The ram will be used by two barbarians that will bring more damage to the towers.

Next, the most expensive card to be added is the Executioner. The players need five elixirs in order to launch it. Its attack will be a combination of aerial and ground. It may have the same movement of the Wizard but it is definitely slower.

Lastly, another goblin card called Goblin Gang will be part of the new set of cards in Clash Royale. This team will have three creatures carrying three swords and three spears. The players are hoping that these new cards will either make or break the decks of the players.

What Are The Other Exciting Features To Watch Out For Nex Year In Clash Royale?

As per Enstarz, Clash Royale will be having a new arena called Jungle Arena. The players can unlock over 2600 trophies once they have reached the newest arena. This arena will also be available on the same day of the Dart Goblin.

The players can observe that the Jungle Arena will be different than the othe arenas in Clash Royale. Supercell incorparated new designs and darker colors in the upcoming arena. Once the players have access with the Dart Goblin, they can now go and compete in the battlefield.

The players can also expect a new clan chest on Clash Royale. The players have started to enjoy the special challenge that is available in Friendly Battles. Elite Barbarians, Inferno Dragon, Balloon and Tornado have been improved this month.

Clash Royale is better than before and a lot of players noticed how Supercell has improved the game as time goes by. Hopefully, the players will not lose thier focus in playing one of the most beloved games before Pokemon GO.

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