Final Fantasy Dissidia PS4 Latest News And Update: Why This Game Might Be Unveiled Next Year

Since avid fans of the Final Fantasy franchise know that Square Enix will be celebrating its 30th anniversary next year, they are anticipating a big announcement from the game developer. This is a big milestone for the company so die-hard fans believe that it has something special for them in the can. They believe that an announcement will be made next year about Final Fantasy Dissidia PS4 that they have been waiting for.

Rumors Indicate That Square Enix Is Developing A Fighting Game

About four months ago, there were rumors that Square Enix is planning to develop a fighting game. Fans were surprised because the game developer is known to focus only on RPGs. However, since the company has the capability, it remains a possibility that it could really be working on a non-RPG video game. People then expected that it could be Final Fantasy Dissidia PS4. And recent developments have shown that they may be right.

Some fans believe that the 30th anniversary celebration of Square Enix next year will not be solely focused on Final Fantasy, but the entire series. If that is the case, they believe that the launching of Final Fantasy Dissidia PS4 will be suited to the event. This video game is characterized by fast-paced fighting sequences. It could also include some of the characters of the other installments.

Final Fantasy Dissidia PS4 May Include New Content

Final Fantasy Dissidia saw its last console release about five years ago. Version 012 of the video game was launched for the PS Portable. The game saw itself in the limelight again during its arcade version launch in 2015. Now PS4 owners might have the chance to enjoy the game in their consoles.

If Square Enix really decides to put its money on Final Fantasy Dissidia PS4, it could include new content from the franchise. Since Noctis is a main character of one of the major entries in the title, the game developer could include him in the upcoming game. Sora from the Kingdom Hearts franchise is another good candidate that will expand the characters of the game.

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