From Samsung To Gawker: The Top Tech Fails Of 2016

The year 2016 has brought a lot of ups and downs to some of the biggest names in Tech industry and brought a huge downfall to some of their high budget gadgets. The big names that come up include Samsung, Pebble and others.

Samsung Note 7 Explosions

The Samsung Note 7 was released in August and was in high demand at the time of its release due to its amazing design, great display and apart from that, its amazing specifications. Then something totally unexpected started to happen, the units started to explode. Finally, Samsung had to bring back all its units and stop the production of Note 7. This made them suffer a huge setback and cost them billions of dollars in lost revenue. They still could not figure out what led to such explosions while others stated it to be because of the battery flaw.

Pebble Watches

A very popular smart watch company had to recently shut down and called off when the company was bought by its biggest competitor, FitBit. All its customers were left in a huge shock due to this but the company themselves accepted that customer and hardware support officially ends with the FitBit acquisition. Everything became worthless and they started losing customers after FitBit came into market.

Failure Of Gawker

A blog that was launched in 2011 finally was shut down. Its last post was in August when it filed post about the personal life of a wrestler and he sent a cease and desist letter to remove the video. Instead, the site's founder refused to do so and suffered a huge loss due to this. He lost the case and was forced to sell the site later. The site was sold to Univision for about $135 million. Though its archive of articles is still online except the ones which were involved in litigation.       


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