Mobileye Partners With Lucid Motors This Time For Advancement In Self-Driving Technology

Startup electric vehicle company Lucid Motors, has decided to partner with Mobileye to enable self-driving technology in their vehicles. Lucid will integrate the full suite of advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, from Mobileye in their vehicles. The startup company has not made any major announcement yet on when their first electric vehicle will be released to the public but have mentioned that their vehicles will be made with autonomous driving technology from the start.

Mobileye Will Provide All The Best Of Technologies To Lucid

The full suite of Mobileye's advanced driver assistance systems would include the primary computing program, sensor fusion software, Road Experience Management or REM, reinforced learning algorithms for driving policy, and an eight camera surround view processing. All of these features; which also includes the radars, lidars and cameras, would enable a logical and safe transition to self-driving capability and will allow for over-the-air updates. The technology Mobileye provides Lucid Motors holds an essential role in aiding autonomous driving in its cars.

Still The Worlds Best In Developing And Providing Advanced Driver Assistance

Lucid Motors did not stop the decision from collaborating with Mobileye despite the driver assistance technology companies 0.83 percent decline in stocks on the last day of 2016. Mobileye has also lost a recent partnership with Tesla when disagreements broke out after a fatal accident that both involved a Tesla Model S that had its autopilot engaged when the incident happened. Despite the drop in stocks and the mishaps with Tesla,

Mobileye is still the leading manufacturer and developer of advanced driver assistance systems and still continues to grow by having partnership deals with other companies such as Lucid Motors, Delphi Motors, HERE Mapping Company and Calsonic. Lucid Motors chief technology officer, Peter Rawlinson, said in a statement that they are looking forward to working with Mobileye in major factors to achieve their goals.

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