2017 Preview: Here's What's Coming In The Tech World

The most awaited technology that everyone would go crazy for are all set to launch this year and it is going to be amazing. The year 2017 is going to be a huge one for the tech lovers and all the big names that are about to launch their yet another piece of excellence.

Virtual Reality Gaming

The very first on the list would be for all the gamers. Oculus Rift is here to set up a new direction for virtual reality gaming platform. This device would allow users to actually get the feel of the video game as if they are inside it. The 3D headset would allow turning around the head with ultra-low latency to view the world in 360-degree resolution. This is a totally new beginning for next generation gaming and one can get all of this at the cost of only $300.

Foldable Samsung Smartphone

Samsung has been trying to develop an all new technology for years but until now has not been able to bring it to the market and still working on the plan. It may be possible that this year could be a huge one for Samsung and they are ready to launch their foldable smartphone to the market. A device that would allow users to read and view content on a tablet sized screen which could be converted to a smartphone like size.

Android Smart Watches

2017 is also the year for the smart watches to step up and display the new technology that was not done in the previous year. iPhone users can make use of the Android wear device. This device would totally be running on Bluetooth, cellular connection or Wi-Fi connection without relying on tethered connections and will make it easier to work with them. This is possible to be released in the middle of 2017.


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