Zika Virus Hoax Kills Millions Of Bees

The most recent mass bee-killing occurred in North Carolina as county officials in Dorchester ordered the massive aerial spray of insecticide driven by the Zika virus hoax.  

In a move to eradicate mosquito-borne diseases as reported earlier, health officials across the nation are increasing the use of insecticides to eliminate the risk of Zika virus carrying mosquitoes. Unfortunately, it also increases the mortality rate of bees this year. 

Bees are known as big players in nature in the pollination process that facilitate the development of safe, natural food. Rather than depend on big agricultural companies that utilize modern food growing techniques, beekeepers opt to let the bees do things the natural way. 

Dorchester County in North Carolina is home to a significant number of bee owners who grow bees in the hope to increase sustainability and produce natural food.  

Recently, public officials ordered the aerial spraying of insecticides called Naled in the region, neglecting to give warning to the beekeepers beforehand. 

It is not the first time that health officials killed million of bees. In September, the same thing happened in South Carolina this time. 46 beehives and over 3 million bees were killed as part of a public health campaign to eliminate the virus, Fox 2 Now reports.  

The beekeepers are distraught as health officials once again neglected to warn them of the spraying. It could have been easy to save the bees. All they need is a tight covering to protect them from the chemicals. 

However, the beekeeper community is accepting of the incident and only hope for a solution to prevent the same tragedy from happening. 

Tragically, millions of bees are killed in an unprecedented scale all in the effort to snuff out any possibilities of Zika infection. The tragic thing is, studies find that the Zika scare is not all that scary as publicized, Personal Liberty says.  

Brazil's Health Ministry reported that out of 270 microcephaly cases, only 6 were confirmed caused by the Zika virus.  

Analysts conclude that this is a propaganda to push the introduction of vaccines in America and make insecticide spraying a regular thing. This will eventually kill more bees and other natural pollinators resulting to the eventual unavailability of safe produce. 

In the end, people would have no other options but to buy genetically-modified food that supports the growth of big agricultural companies due to the Zika virus hoax. 

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