‘Fire Emblem Fates' For Nintendo 3DS Manga Novel Adaptation Pushes Through; Video Game Heads To Nintendo Switch?

Another popular video game series is getting a manga novel adaptation and fans can’t be anymore psyched that it is finally happening for “Fire Emblem”. Meanwhile, there have been speculations roaming around that the said video game might just head on to Nintendo Switch as well.

Ichijinsha, a popular Japanese publication, recently confirmed through an announcement on its “Monthly Comiz Zero Sum” column that the manga adaptation for Nintendo's “Fire Emblem Fates” will finally push through. This is a sigh of relief for avid fans who have been waiting for the said adaptation since it was officially announced way back in September 2015. But was then postponed due to several circumstances according to the video game’s character designer and Japanese manga artist, Yusuke Kozaki.

The said manga adaptation will center on one of the main characters from “Fire Emblem Fates” namely Leo, who is one of the adoptive siblings of the protagonist Avatar’s guardian. The story will most likely delve on how Leo came to wield one of the Legendary Weapons of Nohr and will tackle more of the story that were not shown in the video game. The manga adaptation for “Fire Emblem Fates” will be premiere on the March issue of Ichijinsa on Jan. 28 this year.

Meanwhile, fans have been rooting for the “Fire Emblem” video game series to be released on the upcoming hybrid video game console, Nintendo Switch, which is set to release in March 2017. Many have reasoned out that the said franchise deserved to be released on other Nintendo platforms since it was as popular as “The Legend of Zelda” and “Super Mario Bros.” video game series, even becoming one of the most downloaded handheld video games. “Fire Emblem” was first released in Nintendo Entertainment System’s Famicon in 1990, which was eventually released on Nintendo for its latest and fourteenth main installment, “Fire Emblem Fates” in June 2015.

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