Microsoft Surface Phone Photos, Leaks + Surface Pro 5 Release In Q1

Microsoft Surface Phone Photos, Leaks + Surface Pro 5 Release In Q1
The public is getting closer and closer to the Surface Phone and the Surface Pro 5 - two of Microsoft’s most anticipated 2017 releases. And as the days pass, more and more leaks make their way out. Photo : TechTalkTV/YouTube

Last year was a great one for Microsoft. The company introduced several new items to the tech world, but also improved on some of its more popular lines. However, 2017 only marks a new year and great things are already expected of the Redmond-based tech giant - specifically the Surface Phone and the Surface Pro 5.

Express UK notes that the release date of the Surface Phone might arrive even sooner than expected. In fact, the publication goes on to claim that photos of the upcoming handheld have come to light. This is not the first time that photos have leaked online, as other images have made it to the public before. But what truly sets this new set apart is that it clearly indicates the branding.

The images are the first leaked photos of the phone with the Surface Phone tag built into it, which would make the handhelds more than just prototypes. The images reveal a box-like shape compared to the average smartphone, which is an item based more on preference than anything else. However, there is one thing about the images that make them more questionable.

As the publication continues, the images showcase that the Surface Phone will be fitted with Carl Zeiss cameras. This is a name that has not been in the mainstream market for a while now. But an older name does not necessarily mean anything negative. The branding, no matter how old, still holds something in its field.

The boxy aesthetic, as the publication argues, indicates one specific thing. That is, that Microsoft wants its upcoming handheld to interact with others in the Surface line. To support this, there is that the Redmond giant has wanted its products to work harmoniously together via Windows 10. Having its products, which belong to the same product line, lightly supports this.

Then there is the Surface Pro 5, which is not just one of Microsoft's anticipated 2017 items, but one of the most exciting items to arrive in the tech world this year in general. According to Indian Express, the wait will be over soon. Apparently, the hybrid device might be making its way to the market before the first quarter closed.

The Surface Pro 5 will be the successor to the Surface Pro 4, which has been generally well received by the public and by critics, despite a year in the market. It has even been argued that a successor has not been released because the current generation can still put up a tough fight against its competitors. But a follow-up is sure to arrive this year, if not in the first quarter.

Naturally, Microsoft will make the necessary upgrades in terms of hardware and software. For instance, the Surface Pro 5 is expected to arrive with an Ultra HD Display, as well as a magnetic charging status for the Surface Pen. Furthermore, it is said that Pegatron Technology will support these endeavors.

Microsoft has not officially said anything about the Surface Phone or the Surface Pro 5 in terms of pricing, unveiling or release. But with how well the company handled 2016, there is no doubt why the tech world is excited to hear more news. It is expected that an announcement will be made at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017.

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