GTA 5 Online News: First Patch For This Year Is Finally Available, What Are The New Features Added

Rockstar Games just updated GTA 5 Online and the patch is already live. The developer brought more bonuses and exciting features to the game. It seems that the developer is planning to make sure that the game is more exciting than before.

The First Patch Of GTA 5 Online For This Year Is Available

The players can now buy the Pegassi FCR 1000. They can customize the vehicle with what they want to add on it. According to Express, Rockstar Games wants the players to remodel the classic motorcycle into a newer version.

Also, a new Adversary mode is introduced on GTA 5 Online. It is called Vehicle-Vendetta that will let the players compete for power-ups in the game. The players will need to collaborate with other players in order to get the power-ups.

First power-up is called Beast that will let the players transform the vehicle into a Rhino Tank. The second is Detonator. With the name itself, the players can remove the obstacles and unnecessary objects blocking their way.

Third power-up is called the Bomb. This power-up will destroy the enemies using three bombs. Rocket power-up is used to attack the enemies who are heading towards them. The power-up Repair is used to restore the max health of the vehicle.

The Ghost power-up will let the players to drive through their enemies' vehicles so that they can steal the power-ups. The Jammed power-up will let them the cars of their enemies to accelerate. Flipped power-up will let the players to reverse any controls of the vehicles.

The Zoned power-up in GTA 5 Online will let the players control the time in the game by slowing it down. The Deadline will let the players to use Nagasaki Shotaro and lastly, Random power-up will let the players to steal any power-up except Detonator.

What Can Players Get With The Sale On GTA 5 Online?

As per GameSpot, the sale started on Jan. 3 and will last until Jan. 16. Rockstar Games is offering the players 25 percent discount for Engine Performance Upgrades, Body Armor, Ammo, Throwables, Explosive Weapon Ammo, Special Vehicle Warehouse Renovations, Special Cargo Warehouses and Masks.

Also, the players can get 50 percent discount on Grenade Launcher. Other than these markdowns, the players can earn 25 percent more GTA cash for Vehicle Exports. This is the first update that Rockstar Games released for this year and there are more exciting features to come.

The players should maximize the latest patch on GTA 5 Online. Rockstar Games is not yet done with the game because a lot of players are still enjoying the online game. Hopefully, the players will enjoy the newest features in the game.

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