Counter Strike 1.6 Mod Will Fulfill Every Player's Dream Features; Here’s Why

Counter Strike players may still get to play Counter Strike 1.6 via a CS: GO mod. The game has been getting several mods lately with the developer of Classic Offensive releasing tutorials for his mod. Moreover, strategic gameplay on the original Dust_2 map on CS:GO featuring Spencer "Hiko" Martin was also revealed. Furthermore, a new mod trailer is slated to render Inferno playab

Play CounterStrike 2005 With Classic Offensive

The Counter Strike Classic Offensive was reportedly developed for more than a year and a half. The game reportedly resembled the well-loved Counter Strike 1.6 with movement akin to the CS:GO as the mod reportedly dealt with hacks to change the game and wallbangs getting reduced due to map textures.

The mod reportedly included all the regular weapons and maps as well. Furthermore, the developer of the Classic Offensive mod reportedly released a handy mod guide along with installation instructions, answers to FAQs and some tutorials on, Dexerto reported.

Additionally, a popular CS:GO platform player reportedly flashed his gameplay on the internet. Spencer "Hiko" Martin of Team Liquid reportedly revealed a new video online with a number of his viewers. There, Hiko was seen playing on the original Dust_2 map.

New Counter Strike Mod Launch Trailer Released

In other news, a new mod launch trailer for Counter Strike version 1.6 reportedly surfaced online. It should be noted that the mod is currently being developed by the modder ZOOL. The mod reportedly aims to reproduce the original Counter Strike 1.6 inside CS:GO including sounds, movements, weapons and almost everything to see in CS:GO.

The Counter Strike mod is expected to near its completion. It has been noted that the modder developed the mod within CS:GO's version of Source, requiring CS:GO to play alongside. ZOOL reportedly noted that retro versions of Inferno, Italy, Dust2 and Mirage may be playable soon, PC Gamer reported.

Watch ZOOL's Beta mod here:


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