Final Fantasy XV Guide: Here Are The Locations Of The Best And Strongest Weapons You Can Use

Final Fantasy XV is still one of the hottest games today. The players are still figuring out where they can get the strongest and best weapons they can use while playing. Fortunately, there is a guide that can help them locate the weapons they need.

If the players are wondering on where they can obtain Drill Breaker in Final Fantasy XV, the weapon is found on Formouth Garrison. However, the area might be dangerous because it is strongly guarded. Also, the guards there are tough bosses in the game.

The players can upgrade their Drill Breaker by doing Cid's quest that is called A Better Drill Breaker. The mechanic can only upgrade the weapon once they have given him the Magitek Core. They can only get the item when they have defeated the boss in Formouth Garrison.

According to International Business Times, Noise Blaster is the one of the most powerful weapon in Final Fantasy XV. Players can get the weapon once they have reached chapter six in the game. Also, the players can upgrade their earned weapon by going to Cid and doing his quest called A Better Noise Blaster.

Of course, the players must have the Force Stealer in Final Fantasy XV. The only way to get this weapon is by trading caem carrots that are harvested at the end of chapter eight. Thus, making it the hardest weapon that players must have while playing. 

As per RPG Site, the weapons in Final Fantasy XV brought the players the excitement in the game. They are very determined to earn every strong weapon that can be acquired in the game. If they can get all the weapons, then they will be unstoppable.

Final Fantasy XV is still one of the best RPG that players can play. Hopefully, once they will value every powerful weapon in the game because they have worked hard for them. These weapons are like rewards that are proof that they have beaten the game.

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