‘World Of Warcraft' Gets A Taste Of ‘Overwatch' In Latest Brawler's Guild Patch

Blizzard Entertainment has a habit of poking fun at other popular video games and even making parodies of them, infusing them with their own video game projects. Of course, that does not mean their own projects are safe from their mischievous plans. As a matter of fact, it has been reported that “World of Warcraft” will be getting a taste of “Overwatch” with the latest patch they are working on for the former.

After going on a hiatus, the Brawler’s Guild in “World of Warcraft” is finally making a return with a new patch along with it. The latest, Patch 7.1.5 has been teased and it has been revealed that it will be featuring a new challenge called “Ogrewatch”. Sounds familiar, right? But it does not end there.

With “Ogrewatch” ringing a bell, sounding similar to the newest Blizzard Entertainment video game, “Overwatch”, new boss characters will be appearing, making parodies from the said first-person shooter video game. A video for the upcoming patch of “World of Warcraft” has already unveiled three characters, namely Dupress, Hudson, and Stuffshrew, who have hints of resemblances with “Overwatch” heroes, McCree, Winston, and Junkrat, respectively.

The three new characters adapted some of the popular signatures of the said three “Overwatch” heroes wherein Dupress, a human who wears a cowboy hat, packs an ability called Highnoon, which is clearly a parody of McCree. Hudson takes after Winston after it has been revealed that the former uses a tesla canon and also unleashes a barrier projector just like the latter. Stuffshrew is a goblin who uses explosives and actually also has the same manic laugh as Junkrat.

Aside from Dupress, Hudson, and Stuffshrew, there are founded rumors that more characters from “Overwatch” will crossover to “World of Warcraft”, which will include Stinker, Steingardt, and Render, who are based on Tracer, Reinhardt, and Reaper, respectively. Blizzard Entertainment has not announced when the new patch will be released but it is said that once it is launched, players will not have immediate access to the Brawler’s Guild. Players will need to get access through a Blood-Soaked Invitation that can be secured in various ways in-game.

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