Destiny 2 News: Since Dawning Event Is Almost Done, Bungie Prepares For The Game's Release

The Dawning event in Destiny is about to end but Bungie is cooking something good for the players. There are rumors that Destiny 2 will be released this year. The developer may focus on creating the much awaited sequel for the fans or not.

When Will Destiny 2 Be Arriving?

The players are hoping that Destiny 2 will be available sooner than later. Little did they know, that the sequel is not coming yet but there are rumors that they can get the game before the year ends. Players have predicted this because Bungie just announced that this year, the company has big plans for the game.

Bungie said that the whole team will be working hard in order to bring exciting features in Destiny. The players are thinking that one of the features are the sequel of the game. However, the company is not yet addressing if the rumors are true or not.

Bungie admitted that the company is not yet ready to reveal any major update about Destiny. All the players can do now is wait, of course. The agenda of the developer right now is to give the players a new year of adventure and updates.

Sparrow Racing Is Still Playable In Destiny

The players can still access the Sparrow racing in Destiny but only in private matches. According to Express, some of the features of the Dawning event can still be enjoyed by the players. The players can still get the bonuses if they have completed the Competitive Spirit Record Book.

Also, Strike Scoring is still included in Destiny. The players can still get the Weekly Elite Bounties from Commander Zavala and lastly, Daily Vanguard Elite Bounties from the Bounty Trackers. So, the game seems to have the Dawning event still.

Whatever Bungie decides to do about Destiny or the upcoming Destiny 2, the players should maximize the former. They should wait if the developer is planning to release the latter because a lot of the fans are asking for it.

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