Bluetooth-Enabled Radiation Tracker Revealed, Safety During Increase Radiation Proven

By stphntapulao , Jan 05, 2017 06:08 PM EST

With all that is happening from every part of the world, people are looking for security and protection for their family and loved ones. Well, here's a great gift for everyone who would want to be sound amidst radiation. As technology has been more advanced, a Bluetooth-enabled radiation tracker is made to help protect consumers.

Dosime: Personal Radiation Tracker, A Perfect Gift For The Health Conscious

The personal radiation tracker is coined as Dosime. It is perfect for people who are really into protecting their health. According to The Verge, Mirion Technologies, Dosime's parent company, admitted that the device would help consumers detect radiation exposure and report it to users immediately.

The device was made because of a certain study proving that there are many Americans who live near nuclear power plants. Because of this, Dosime was formulated to ensure peace and safety to all its upcoming consumers.

The device is a must-have for people who would want to be stress-free against radiations and stuff. The device could be put in a frame to be able to check on the background radiation in the consumer's home. It could also be clipped on your clothes when you are going on a trip outside.

Dosime is working every four seconds to detect X-rays and gamma rays. The device should be connected on your smartphone to further notify you if the place you are in is dangerous.

Dosime Personal Radiation Trackers: Helpful And Affordable, A Definely Must-Have

On its own site, it revealed that the app used to generate Dosime would actually give you a clear understanding about the radiation exposure by location and time. It would also give you series of reports regarding the people under your account to protect and safeguard them as well.

The Bluetooth-enabled device is set to be released on 2017 and would cost $249. Make sure to grab one as reviews told that it would be really helpful and effective.

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