Cancer Cure Found: Clinical Trial On Humans Gives Positive Results

Is Cancer cure found?

The research team from the University of Coimbra in Portugal has announced. The first trial involving 14 patients that have advanced head and neck cancer has revealed positive outcome. In one case wherein the tumor totally disappeared.

They call it the photodynamic therapy. The research team developed the molecule, redaporphine. It is stimulated by infrared light. And when it comes into contact with oxygen it will produce molecules that will eradicate all the tissues around it.

It can be steered directly directly to the tumor. The Dosage is adjusted according to the level of highest efficiency. The molecule then begins destroying the tumor but not the healthy tissues around it.

Clinical trials on the first 14 patients were positive. Soon the clinical trials will be conducted with a larger group. It is hoped that if the treatment continue to show positive results; the cure will be available on the market by 2022.

The exploitation rights for the cancer cure found, developed by University of Coimbra is held by the Portuguese firm Luzitin.

According to the Pravda Report, redaporphine is a photosensitizer, this means that it activates if it rcieves the right light. For this treatment is is infrared for the reason that it could penetrate human tissues more effectively.

Without the right light the molecule remains totally inactive. Procedure waits until the molecule reaches the tumor and trigger it with infrared light to begin eradicating the tumor.

Professor Luis Arnaut led the team that developed the molecule that is totally synthetic. The clinical trials were conducted by Doctor Lúcio Lara Santos in the Oncology departments of the Hospital CUF in Oporto and IPO.

The Portuguese Oncology Institute, in Lisbon on fourteen volunteers with spinocellular cancers of the head and neck. The results were remarkable and side effects were slight and manageable.

This could be the beginning of another breakthrough in medical history. This is proven to be effective on head and neck cancers, however, there are more kinds of cancer.

According to the Science Daily, researchers were working on a safer way to deliver cancer-fighting drugs without damaging other healthy tissues.

Redaporphine could be the beginning of a good fight against cancer.

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