Pokemon GO Update: Next Patch Coming Will Improve The Gameplay

Pokemon GO keeps holding events for the players. However, the players have been experiencing some problems regarding the gameplay. A lot of players are anticipating the release of the patch by Niantic Lab because they are hoping for some improvements in the game.

Will The Soon-To-Be Released Patch In Pokemon GO Be Able To Fix The Problems?

According to IBTimes, the next patch of Pokemon GO will be available anytime soon. Since the New Year Event will be ending, trainers are waiting for major improvements of the game because they want to play a flawless game.

Also, the players have been happy with what Niantic has done with Pokemon GO previously but they are more interested with the next update. They are hoping that the freezing of the game glitch will be fixed as soon as possible.

The players have been commenting that Pokemon GO is lagging and they have been removed from their respective gyms. These issues might cause for some players to lose interest in playing the game and not even new events will win them back unless these are fixed.

Players Are Waiting For Gen 2 Pokemon In Pokemon GO

Players are also eagerly waiting for Gen 2 Pokemon that can be captured in Pokemon GO. As per Inquisitr, Niantic might add new creatures to the game. The players are hoping to capture these new monsters because they have been catching the same old creatures since the release of the game last year.

Dataminers are working really hard to crack the code on Pokemon GO in order to know when will the Gen 2 Pokemon be coming to the game. Niantic should add the monsters as soon as possible because the players have been asking these update from the developer, since last year.

The fans of Pokemon GO are asking when will the game be fixed and when will Gen 2 Pokemon will be added in it. If Niantic will not do anything to solve these problems, then the players might choose new mobile games over the viral game of 2016.

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