Pokemon Sun And Moon News: 'Alola Friendly' Online Match Is Coming, How To Sign Up

Players should join in Alola Friendly in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This is the first online competition announced by Nintendo for this year. The developer assured the fans that they will get exciting rewards once they have decided to sign up.

Alola Friendly Will Be Happening In Pokemon Sun And Moon

The online tournament will start on Jan. 27 at exactly 12:00 midnight until Jan. 29 at 11:59 p.m. According to iDigital Times, Alola Friendly will use a single battle format that means the trainers need to prepare six Pokemon just like in the previous online competition, Battle of Alola.

The players must remember that they can only use one Pokemon from Alolan Pokedex. They are not allowed to use legendary and mythical in Alola Friendly in Pokemon Sun and Moon unlike on Battle of Alola when Nintendo allowed Solgaleo and Lunala to be used in the competition.

Using Mega Stones in the upcoming online battle is prohibited. The players are now preparing because a lot of rules have been implemented maybe because Nintendo found out that the previous online competition was easier.

However, Tapus and Ultra Beasts are allowed in Alola Friendly. With these Pokemon present in the tournament, the battles will be interesting than before.

How To Sign Up And Where To Practice For The Alola Friendly?

The players can sign-up for the upcoming Alola Friendly in Pokemon Global Link, as per MMO Examiner. They can sign-up from Jan. 19 at exactly 12:00 midnight and will last until Jan. 26 at 11:59 p.m. The players should be early in signing up because Nintendo will only be allowing 50,000 participants to play in the tournament.

Once they have joined in the tournament, the players need to win at least three battles in order to receive 50 battle points and the points will be very useful for them. If the players are determined to win, they can go to Festival Plaza to download the rules for Alola Friendly.

It seems that Nintendo is determined to keep the interests of the players of Pokemon Sun and Moon locked in the game. Hopefully, with this new online competition, the game will be more interesting compared to when it was launched.

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