Global Warming Becoming More Crucial; Atlantic Ocean Starts To Deteriorate Causing More Freezing Winter In Britain

Despite what others may have claimed, climate change is definitely happening right before the eyes of everyone and it is rapidly affecting the planet. Just recently, it has been confirmed that the intense release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has caused the Atlantic Ocean to deteriorate.

AMOC To Shut Down In 300 Years If Carbon Dioxide In Earth's Atmosphere Continues To Rapidly Increase

It has been reported that current studies have proved how the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Current (AMOC) is more sensitive now than it used to be. I was previously predicted that the AMOC could withstand even drastic changes in the earth's atmosphere. However, as a result to the intense release of carbon dioxide recently, it is possible that the AMOC will collapse in 300 years if the environment will continually be destroyed. That is possible when the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today is to be doubled.

Why Is AMOC Important To Some Of The European Countries And Their Climates?

Some people who have normally lived in cold countries could not necessarily feel the effect of global warming in the planet. However, for those countries who are being kept warm by the AMOC, its deterioration will be such a big effect on them, especially for the countries in Europe. Scientifically, the climate in some of the countries in Europe such as London is kept at a warmer state as opposed to the other nearby countries because of AMOC. It is a warm flow to which its powerful current pushes water from the tropical Atlantic, thus warming up the northern part of Europe.

With regard to this, if AMOC is to shut down completely and depreciate altogether, it will greatly affect the global climate. The huge oceanic heat that it carries highly contributes to the moderation of some European countries' climate. There have been previous reports claiming that the cold winters in Europe back in 2009-2011 was caused by the low AMOC activity. If this continues to worsen, it will definitely be a drastic and unfortunate change to earth's atmosphere.

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