Beauty Tip: Cold Shower Linked To Beautiful Skin And Hair

A new study claims that blasting yourself with cold shower is now a beauty tip as doing this improves the glow of skin and hair.  

Majority of women, and some men, follow specific beauty regimen to look flawless. Most people would even spend on beauty products that promote beautiful skin and hair as reported earlier 

Now, it seems getting that healthy glow is within reach for everyone as beauty experts reveal that they have found concrete evidence of the beauty benefits of cold shower.

As a beauty tip, people should get short cold showers. A 10-second blast of cold water is all it takes to enjoy beneficial effects to the whole body, specifically to the skin and hair. 

According to Dr. Jessie Cheung, a dermatologist in the Chicago area, cold showers have the ability to flatten ruffled hair cuticles. It also locks in moisture in the hair to prevent it from easily breaking. 

Cold showers also have the initial effect of constricting blood vessels in the skin which temporarily tighten pores. This also decreases redness and puffiness, promoting more symmetry and evenness in the face, reports. 

What's more, the cold temperature also boosts circulation as a way to keep the body warm, giving the face a warm healthy glow after shower. 

In contrast, beauty experts warn beauty-conscious people to avoid hot showers. High water temperature causes the skin to break as it washes out all natural oil that protects the it. Itchiness and redness can also occur as a result of this type of shower. 

In another related study, researchers in Holland found that cold shower is responsible for fewer sick days in workers, the Minnpost says. 

They concluded that the shivering caused by the cold water increases circulation which benefits the organs in the body, including the immune system.  

Taking a cold shower then is not just a beauty tip, it is also a health tip for those who want to enhance their resistance to infection, stay healthy, and enjoy life.  

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