‘Final Fantasy XV' Guide: Complete All Sylvester ‘Scraps Of Mystery Map' Quests

‘Final Fantasy XV' Guide: Complete All Sylvester 'Scraps Of Mystery Map' Quests
Find where all the pieces of hidden treasure map are in "Final Fantasy XV" and complete all the quests for "Scraps of Mystery Map" to find out where the treasure is. Photo : PlayStation/YouTube

“Final Fantasy XV” side quests vary from taking memorable photos, fishing in rare spots, to hunting the deadliest of all daemons. But that does not stop there because aside from the quests that eventually pops up in-game, there are some quests that will remain in oblivion unless Noctis accidentally bumps into one. One of the many hidden quests scattered in the world of “Final Fantasy XV” is the series of quests related to pieces of a treasure map, which is aptly called the “Scraps of Mystery Map” quests.

There are 14 pieces of the map scattered all over the open world of "Final Fantasy XV" and Noctis can find them in random order, depending on where the he first finds one. But before finding these 14 pieces of the maps from Sylvester, Noctis must first obtain 14 clues to the scraps. The game does not require Noctis to obtain the scraps in order since the levels to obtain them are pretty much random. Here are the locations and levels of each quest in order. Take note that it is crucial to find the clue to the map first as finding this automatically indicates the location of the treasure map piece in the open world map.

“Scraps of Mystery Map” Quests In Leide

“Scraps of Mystery Map I”, which is at level 5, has the first clue lying around beside the white chair the floors of the motel walkway of the Longwythe Rest Area. “Scraps of Mystery Map II” at level 9, has the second clue situated just under small beside the tall metal fence, near the arms dealer in the Praier Outpost. “Scraps of Mystery Map III” at level 4, has the third clue left on the grounds of the abandoned hut to the southwest of Formouth Garrison that leads to the road of the Prairie Outpost.

“Scraps of Mystery Map IV” at a high level of 44, has the fourth clue caught inside the roadblocks beside the huge red wall just outside the gate leading towards Crown City, where the Niflheim magitek soldiers and armors stand guard. “Scraps of Mystery Map V” at level 7, has the fifth clue well hidden under the huge pipe near the ruins in east of the Pallebram Haven in the Three Valleys area.

“Scraps of Mystery Map” Quests In Duscae

“Scraps of Mystery Map VI” at level 13 has the sixth clue just beside the beatdown rusty car in the Roadside Scrapyard parking area, which is east of the Cauthess Disc. “Scraps of Mystery Map VII” at level 11 is simply located behind Wiz Chocobo Post, near the starcase, in the Chocobo Race Track. “Scraps of Mystery Map VIII” at level 22 is near the shelves in the large warehouse in the Cauthess Rest Area stop.

“Scraps of Mystery Map IX” at level 20 is at the end of the white building at the Taelpar Rest Area. “Scraps of Mystery Map X” at level 15 is found in a hole in an abandoned brick house in the Kelbass Grasslands, which is east of the Wainterre Haven campsite.

“Scraps of Mystery Map” Quests In Cleigne

“Scraps of Mystery Map XI” at level 18 is in the ruins near the Alpine Stable parking spot at the Pallareth Pass. “Scraps of Mystery Map XII” at level 27 is simply in the Meldacio Hunter headquarters near The Vesperpool. “Scraps of Mystery Map XIII” at level 33 is hidden next to a table with an umbrella just outside near the entrance of the Malamalam Thicket secret dungeon. “Scraps of Mystery Map XIV” at level 29 is the last clue and is located near another rusty beatdown car to the south of Fort Vaullery, near Old Lestallum.

“X Marks The Spot” Final Quest

This is the final quest that will be triggered once the series of “Scraps of Mystery Map” quests is completed. Head to the Rock of Ravatogh and go through the dungeon. Complete the Zu Bounty Hunt and gain 5,000 experience points, a rare Mythril Ingot, and 50,000 worth of gil.

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