Climate Change Effects: Australia Might Have Fewer Days In Ski Season

Climate change is changing people's habits. As the climate changes, some activities have been affected as well. One of the climate change effects is that Australia might have fewer days in the ski season.

Ski season in Australia could become shorter with climate change. This has been the projection of CSIRO by 2050. By that year the ski season would have been shortened by as much as 80 days.

The 80 day shortening is the worst possible scenario in light of climate change. The ski season could have days that would be between 20 to 55 days shorter. That is the most conservative estimate for 2050. The worst could practically erase the ski season if 80 days are taken off. Ski season in Australia is typically for 115 days. This is most true in places such as Victoria and some parts of New South Wales.

Climate change has affected the average snow fall on the southern slopes of the Murray Basin areas. This has been happening for the past 60 years and it has been projected to continue its decline. While decline might be happening, this could also vary, according to

This could also threaten some planned ski resorts. A planned ski resort at Perisher could be in jeopardy should the trend continue. There are suggestions that the resort be placed near Jindabyne instead.

One of the reasons for climate change is the rise of greenhouse gases. This has been observed by CSIRO Climate Science Research director Kevin Hennessy. He said that continued rise in greenhouse gases would hasten the decline of snow cover and duration.

Some resorts have already resorted to artificial snow, as Asia Pacific Daily reports. However, Hennessy has said that could only be possible if temperatures should drop at negative one or negative two degrees Celsius. He also said that higher ski resorts might not be immune to the effects of climate change.

Snow making beyond 2030 might be difficult as the temperature by then would be too warm, Hennessy further elaborates. For many ski resorts in Australia, that could be bad news as climate change effects show that Australia might have fewer days in the ski season. Another effect of climate change is that polar bear populations are endangered.

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