Just Cause 3 New Mod Allows Players To Go On Rampage With Friends; Trailer & Everything You Need To Know

A Just Cause 3 modder recently launched a new full download mod for the game. It has been revealed that the mod would be able to hold up to 100 players on its servers to explore Medici. The mod is reportedly free to play. However, a legitimate copy of the game may be required.

Racing, Skydiving, Free-Roaming On Just Cause 3 Unveiled

The official website of the new Just Cause 3 mode called JC3:MP reportedly noted a multiplayer addition to the game. The team reportedly revealed that the modification is slated to open doors to more multiplayer possibilities such as skydiving, roleplaying, free-roaming, deathmatch and racing. Just Cause 3 players may go against other players competitively in deathmatches or races or explore the Medici cooperatively.

It has further been noted that the Just Cause 3 mod would allow up to 100 players on its servers. The mod was previously released as a beta along with a trailer with the mods features. Note that the full download for mod JC3:MP has already been released via the modder's website. However, note that a few bugs may still be in the process of getting fixed. In addition, the modder group Cameron Foote reportedly canceled the multiplayer rendition for Just Cause 3 after being hired by Avalanche Studios to work on the Just Cause series itself.

Free to Play Mod for All Legitimate Owners Of Just Cause 3

In other news, the new content for Just Cause 3 may reportedly be accessed by players with verified copies of the game. Note that those with fake copies of the game may not play the mod. Hence, all participating players may be required the original copies of Just Cause 3. It has further been revealed that modders Nanos GBR went live with a beta for the multiplayer mod.

The Just Cause 3 mod is expected to reveal a new way to play the open-world action video game. Thousands of players are expected to go into the vast open world with the abilities to wing-glide, grapple, commandeer vehicles, race cars, blow anything and fly planes. Nanos GBR reportedly released a video of the mod features.

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