Anti-vaccine Claims Made By Doctor Creates Chaos Among Medical Practitioners

Dr. Daniel Neides of Cleveland Clinic is now in a hot seat as physicians from all over the world are protesting against an article he published online. The article was filled with anti-vaccine claims that were recently discovered to be opposite of what Cleveland Clinic stands for.

Neides is the chief operating officer and medical director of the Cleveland Wellness Institute. It came as a shock to readers as his platform related vaccines to autism. He also gave a breakdown of the dangerous contents present in vaccines that are given worldwide.

As per Stat News, Neides' anti-vaccine claims included that eliminating risks for acquiring communicable diseases came with a price and that is a possibility of developing neurologic diseased like ADHD and autism.

His statements caused an uproar in the online community as other physicians and health practitioners expressed disappointment in reading an article that was allegedly full of unsupported and irrational concerns. Scientists and doctors were reportedly horrified by the misinformation stated in the article noting that Cleveland Clinic was a prestigious institution known by many.

Forbes reported that a representative from the Cleveland Clinic named Eileen Sheil finally released a statement through an e-mail and it wrote "Cleveland Clinic fully supports vaccinations to protect patients and our employees. The statements made by our physician do not reflect the position of Cleveland Clinic."

Neides included a segment of his personal story where he followed the government and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)'s instructions to receive a flu shot. He claimed that he agreed to get the preservative-free vaccine thinking it was free of Thirmasol.

The incident ended with a shocking revelation that the preservative-free vaccine had formaldehyde. This and other more toxic related reasons led to his anti-vaccine claims. At this moment, doctors see the incident and the rant-filled blog as an embarrassment for the Cleveland Clinic.

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