Sleep Number Launches New 360 Smart Bed At CES 2017

Sleep Number launches its first 360 smart bed at CES 2017. The bed automatically adjusts according to users sleep positions and helps to stop the user from snoring during sleep.

What Does The 360 Smart Bed Offer

As reported, the smart bed would automatically adjust according to sleeping pattern of the user. It is capable of detecting snoring and elevate the bed, which would stop the action. It records all the actions of your sleep pattern and helps to figure out how well the user sleeps. It records the heart rate and breathing and certain actions like tossing and turning of the head as well.

The most amazing thing here is that it also has foot warmers at the lower part of the bed. This marks another standard to this bed and makes it the best feature. Also the bed has three layers internally that makes the thing work. There are certain mechanics situated at the bottom of the bed which is responsible to make the user physically move up and down and also it adjusts in a manner making the users sleep comfortable during sleep.

What Makes The Bed Function?

The bed has a cushion like structure that everyone would love to lay on, making it extremely comfortable. The company reported that the air chamber has pressure sensors inside it which makes it very clear as to how the adjustments would be carried out. It also picks up the vibrations indicating the patterns of moving or snoring.

The sleep number has also introduced an app for the bed where it will let the user be informed about how well the user slept. It all works by the help of an algorithm where the answer would come up as a score. The price range set up for the bed would start from $4,000 and would be released later this year.

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