Gamer’s Guide: Reasons To Tell Your Parents Why You Play Video Games So They Won’t Bother You Anymore

Gamer’s Guide: Reasons To Tell Your Parents Why You Play Video Games So They Won’t Bother You Anymore
Many parents and most adults who turned their noses down on video games just don’t understand the reasons why you are playing it. This gamer’s guide will give you some of the reasons you need to tell them. Photo : Vareide/YouTube

The gaming community has a plethora of video games available to all types of video gamers. But it seems that there is one thing common about the way they look at the activity of playing video games. Almost every gamer considers playing video games a guilty pleasure. Somehow, there is that tinge of guilt associated with the activity that's why this gamer's guide is written.

Most Parents Are Not Into Video Games

If you ask most parents, they would readily tell you that they would play with their children if it's a game of soccer, basketball, tennis or other standard sporting activities. But parents playing video game with their children? Nah. That's a no-no for conventional types. In fact, a report that came out in 2014 says that only around 30 percent of parents play video games with their kids.

So, if you are an avid player of video games, what can you tell your parents and other adults that will make them look at video games in a more positive light? This gamer's guide will give you some ideas that you can use to convince them that video games are not that bad. In fact, they can be good if used in the right way.

Video Games Are Socially Invigorating

Most of the video games today are multiplayer types. This means you are not playing alone but with others. Multiplayer video games like Life Is Strange can be used for social and family bonding. Players on some of these games can take turns with the controls, plan tactics and game strategies, help each other and choose options. This gamer's guide says that you will learn things about your parents, and they will learn things from you by playing video games that could not be learned any other way.

Video Games Can Enhance Parent-Children Relationships

Parents of today have to accept the fact that their kids are spending more time with video games. This gamer's guide says that Instead of nagging them about the amount of time they play, they should take advantage of the time to teach them about things in life. This is possible through the Kerbal Space Program building a space rocket, or in Minecraft, or braking and building things in Lego Dimensions. Video games are a way to shrink the generation gap.

Video Games Foretell The Future Of Technology

Game developers push the technology envelop by designing, developing and using physics modeling, procedural content and artificial intelligence. In reality, the things that game developers tinker about today will largely affect our lives in the future. For instance, the self-autonomous cars of Google will not be a reality if its design concepts and prototypes were not tested using video games such as StarCraft.

Kids Can Help Adults Be Comfortable With New Technology Through Video Games

Most parents and adults are often overwhelmed by the demands of video games like Minecraft. This gamer's guide recommends that you inform them that this game is not a waste of your time, but can help develop your inner skills and talents, they will be more amenable to you playing it even for hours. In fact, it would be best if you will teach them how the game is played so they can see its value in your development.


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