CES 2017: Intel Launches Its Project Alloy Headset

Intel introduced its Project Alloy Headset at the biggest tech event of 2017. The headset is a self-contained merged reality that mixes elements from real life into virtual reality. This device has set up an entirely new definition of virtual reality to the world.

What Does The Project Alloy Headset Bring

The headset is the concept where the real life elements are mixed into virtual reality. The alloy headset is the third generation as said by Intel at CES 2017. It features improved tracking system and other important upgrades. Though it looks very similar to the previous design, which means it is big bulky and not that comfortable to put on. It promised new features last time, which were nowhere to be found such as a chip from recently acquired computer vision company Movidius. The cameras that were to be made a single one and a wide angle Real sense 400 series one. The device is also wireless which means it has no external trackers.

The main focus was on Alloy's inside-tracking and its ability to map the virtual environments that would reflect real obstacles. It is reported to be the second best VR tracking system after the Oculus Santa Cruz Prototype.

What The Future Holds For Virtual Reality Technology

The controller that Intel brought to CES does not have a full motion tracking. It only translates rotation but according to reports the rotation was never really quite accurate. Though Intel has not completely brought Project Alloy to the market but it has said that it would be released later this year with a finished version of the headset. Every eyes would be on the complete version of the headset and waiting to see the new and upgraded features of the headset to be available soon in the market.

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