Condom Hack: Chinese Doctor Uses Condom To Remove Foreign Object In Patient

It pays to be innovative just like the Chinese doctor who removed a beer's metal bottle cap safely inside a patients' esophagus by knowing a condom hack.

Condoms are not only effective as protection from STDs, they also do great in surgeries.

The Chinese doctor, Ju Weiping, 60, is aware and well-informed of the unique characteristics of condoms that he successfully used it as both a lubricant and remover of the foreign object that was accidentally lodged in the patient's throat.

The patient, Xi Du, had inadvertently swallowed the bottle cap while downing a large beer. He was out with friends when it happened last week in the Eastern Chinese city of Lianyungang.

Xi Du immediately experienced stomach pain and severe discomfort after the incident. He was rushed directly to the First People's Hospital of Lianyungang City where he underwent an x-ray procedure.

The condom hack would be used as treatment after the x-ray results showed that the sharp-edged toothed cap was snugly lodged in his esophagus, the GB Times says.

Unfortunately for Xi Du, the doctor on duty explained to him that he had to wait for six to eight hours before the procedure could be done to alleviate his discomfort. This is to make sure that his stomach is empty during the surgery since a full one poses a lot of risks to the patient.

The next morning, Doctor Ju Weiping, saw the patient and took over his care. He began to consider how to safely extract the foreign object without further damaging the soft lining of the esophagus which can be life-threatening, the South China Morning Post reports.

Doctor Ju stumbled on the idea of using a condom to retrieve the cap which would also lubricate its extraction. The whole procedure was over in less than two minutes, thanks to the condom hack.

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