Hillary Clinton´s Aide Declares War On WikiLeaks Over Trump´s Triumph

Just a couple of weeks had passed since Donald Trump was elected as the new U.S. president, and even when there has been a lot of news regarding the Kremlin and WikiLeaks´ involvement in the political event, the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton´s team have been keeping a silence that has finally been broken by Neera Tandan, Clinton´s aide that was mentioned repeatedly in John Podesta´s email´s disclosure, and now declares war to the pro-transparency organization.

Hillary Clinton´s Aide Discussed With WikiLeaks On Twitter

Her reason is that WikiLeaks clearly had something to do in the elections' outcome, considering how the Republican candidate Donald Trump took advantage of the publications and used to discredit Hillary Clinton both on the debates and his social media accounts. In fact, she tweeted a link to an article published by her organization Think Progress, citing how any times the president-elect mentioned WikiLeas, explaining that is hard to argue that the pro-transparency organization didn´t impact on the election.

However, the most controversial moment came just after she tweeted the link, since Julian Assange who leads WikiLeaks Task Force, immediately replied to her message with a rebuttal and a link to a poll that indicated how the public believe the radical transparency organization instead of the U.S. intelligence agencies, which recently published a report in which it explained that Russian hackers aligned to the Kremlin were the ones who hacked the DNC and John Podesta´s email account.

Tanden Wanted To Know Why The Publications Stopped On The Election Day

Things escalated even more after that, since Hillary Clinton asked WikiLeaks Task Force if the organization´s main goal wasn't affecting the election, and if that wasn't the point of going only through the Election Day. She got a response that the unquestionable thing was that many millions read how the DNC acted unethically.

Finally, Tanden asked that if sabotaging the election wasn't the main goal, then why WikiLeaks stopped publishing on the Election Day. Also, she asked why they waited to release Podesta´s files until last month if his email account was hacked in March. Although it´s unknown what´s going to happen, WikiLeaks is now officially one of the main enemies of the Democratic Party.

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