Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Paid DLC Contains More EX Sword Skills, Field Content, And More

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization will have an additional content called the "Shrine Maiden of the Abyss," which will consist of three chapters. Bandai Namco gave a sneak peek of the expansion which will include more EX sword skills, field content, and more.

Starting with the sword skills, players can now evolve their sword skills when they are able to have special abilities once they clear various trials. Moreover, the legendary weapons of each character will have unique graphical images while the legendary armor will continue to evolve as the skills grow higher. Another special element that will be added to the armor is its ability to fuse with some special stones.

Bandai also added aura weapons as well as another set of armor with special effects. The aura weapons have an evolution route which can make the character evolve into an evil god. The special armor group, on the other hand, gives the player specific abilities during battles.

There are also some additions to the high-difficulty elements. In the Overlord Class, you will be able to encounter enemies that will be very difficult to defeat while the Myth Class will have enemies where the only way to defeat them is for your character to master a new element. Furthermore, there will also be new dungeons to explore.

There are also four new elements added to the field content: enigma order, mimic hunting, invisibility product, and the abyss. The enigma order consists of different parts which you can use to complete your equipment. In mimic hunting, you can find mimics buried underground by finding items that shoot light beams in the map. The invisibility product allows you to get special items which can defeat invisible enemies while abyss allows you to see inside extremely dark dungeons and complete the goal ahead of you.

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