Orange Is The New Black, Narcos Video Games, Anyone?

If you think Netflix is just for movies and TV series, think again because it looked like Netflix is venturing into the game industry, sort of. The streaming service has launch a side-scrolling game to give their subscribers something to kill time with while waiting for the next episode of their favorite shows.

The 8-bit game is a pretty simple, reminiscent of Google's running game involving a dinosaur jumping over cacti and avoiding crows. Of course, the Netflix game is so much more because it allows you to play your favorite Netflix character, such as Piper Chapman from Orange is the New Black, Pablo Escobar from Narcos, Mike Wheeler of Stranger Things, and Marco Polo.

Aside from the characters, the game also uses the songs and the things familiar to fans of each show. For example, Mike Wheeler of Stranger Things has to jump over scientists and police officers while Piper Chapman of OITNB has to jump and collect chickens, an element which is familiar in the first season of the show.

The game only requires you to use the spacebar of your laptop. One tap and the character will jump while two taps make it jump higher.

Those who are expecting a great game should not expect a lot from this because Netflix's goal is to entertain its fans while waiting. In fact, Gizmodo describes it as a cheap and simple version of Super Mario Run. It doesn't even have a title.

This interesting project for their fans isn't the first time for Netflix. Back in 2015, they also designed socks equipped with a sensor that sends information to Netflix whether you have fallen asleep while watching or not. If the socks detected you've fallen asleep, it automatically turns off the show.

The game, however, is only available to play in North America only.

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