Pokemon GO Has An iOS Bug You Should Look Out For

The Pokemon GO system seems weird these days with a variety of bugs showing up as reported by different users. The latest among these speculated bugs is one that causes disturbance to some iOS device users when playing Pokemon GO.

According to Otakukart, after a Pokemon GO player downloaded the latest update from Niantic, the app began flashing and crashed. What he did was go back to the home screen but nothing seemed to happen. He also said that he uninstalled and installed the application several times but to no avail.

The poor Pokemon GO player has even contacted Niantic support regarding the issue but didn't receive any reply from the company. Fortunately, someone suggested upgrading his operating system, which was running on iOS 9 that time, to iOS 10 and that solved the problem.

This iOS bug isn't the only one happening in the game. Another one was reported by a Reddit community user named LordMaedhros which happened while he is engaging in a gym battle. According to him, he was selecting his Pokemon from the select screen and pressed "Go." Instead of the screen taking him to the action, the screen stayed with him and he cannot see the battle. Moreover, that isn't just any Pokemon selection screen but the Pokemon storage option. LordMaedrhos thought that since he was already there, he could swap his Pokemon with another, in which case swapping Gyrados with Clefable, which was possible although his screen still freezes to the storage option menu.

Moreover, he can still attack and sustain damage from the opponent even if the menu is still up. He tried clicking above the menu but it still continued to be intractable. And the weirdest of them all is that he was still able to interact with the menu even after leaving the battleIn short, the glitch was a harmless one but nevertheless, it could be annoying to others because it does not allow you to view the battle and see what's happening.

How about you? Have you experienced any glitches while playing Pokemon GO? Please share your story with us and let others know in case they are experiencing the same thing.

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