Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy Latest News: New Trailer, Release Date, Game Play, More Details Unveiled

Uncharted 4 fans will be glad with this news. Naughty Dog appears to be working on Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy, a stand-alone video game based on the very popular PS4 title. Nathan Drake's adventures may have ended on the previous title, but it seems Sony is not about to surrender the franchise to oblivion.

The Story Will Be Different

The game developer is not done in exploring the world of this most-loved video game. It has released a new trailer of its new creation, Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy. Right now, Naughty Dog has only issued very scant information about this upcoming title. Here are some of the few details that the game developer has revealed so far.

The game developer will not base the story line of Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy on Nathan Drake but on two different characters. They are actually side characters Chloe Frazer of Uncharted 2 and Nadine Ross of Uncharted 4. Apparently, the two will set out on their own adventure which could be totally unrelated to that of Drake's.

The Main Characters Are Out To Find A Lost Artifact

But the teaser trailer of Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy features Chloe in disguise, trying to sneak into a town ravaged by war. She then meets up with Nadine, on a rooftop who is seemingly acting as her accomplice. The teaser trailer also showed that the two are trying to recover a "fabled ancient Indian artifact."

The trailer of Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy also showed some fast action on the rooftop. Chloe fights her opponents at close range. She showed her martial arts moves smoothly and swiftly. According to Naughty Dog, Chloe's and Nadine's search will take them to different locations in India. The areas they will explore will be bigger than the places in Uncharted 4.

Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy Will Be Released This Year

According to Kurt Margenau, the director of Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy, the game is shorter than Uncharted 4 but longer than The Last of Us: Left Behind. Naughty Dog said it will be released this year, although the precise month or season was not mentioned. Fans of the video game are hoping that it will be sooner than later.

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