Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.6 Guide: Players Share Their Tips On How To Get Unlimited Medicine In Survival Mode

Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.6 Guide:  Players Share Their Tips On How To Get Unlimited Medicine In Survival Mode
If you have unlimited medicine, your chances of completing the game of Tom Clancy’s The Division will increase tremendously. Here are the steps you need to take. Photo : Ubisoft/YouTube

Players of Tom Clancy's The Division have been very ingenious in taking advantages of glitches in the video game. Some of them are harmful while others can help players enhance their gaming experience. Lately, two glitches have been discovered. Fortunately, they are not at all harmful.

One of these glitches enables players of Tom Clancy's The Division to get unlimited ammo. The other glitch gives gamers unlimited health. Obviously, both these glitches can increase the chances of players to finish the game without having to replay it when they "die". And the good thing is: both of these glitches can be activated at the same time.

A YouTuber Discovered The Medicine Glitch

Thanks to the sleuthing skills of a YouTuber that goes by the username "alboboby gaming." This YouTuber is also a The Division Xbox One Community member on Facebook. But it is uncertain if the technique discovered by "alboboby gaming" is only applicable to Xbox One users since this strategy was also discovered last month by a Reddit user who also plays Tom Clancy's The Division.

Here Are The Steps To Getting Unlimited Medicine In Tom Clancy's The Division

The basic technique in getting unlimited medicine in Tom Clancy's The Division is to act quickly and move fast. There is really nothing complicated in what you need to do. But you need to choose the medicine from the menu. Once you have chosen the medicine, you have to inject it to yourself immediately.

And then you need to go back to the same menu, and choose the medicine again. But this time, you need to share it with others on your team. And then pick the medicine from the ground and it will be included in your inventory. When the character has only a single count with the syringe and it strikes zero going into the cool down phase, immediately choose it again in the menu and share it with others. That's how you will enjoy unlimited medicine in Tom Clancy's The Division.

There's Also A Glitch That Will Give You Unlimited Health

In relation to this glitch, other players have also found the unlimited health glitch in Tom Clancy's The Division. Obviously, having unlimited health will also increase your chances of survival in this video game. Here's what you need to do to get this bonus.

First, you need to give a negative status effect to the Strike Mask. This is a gear that has the 'Rehabilitated' talent or the one that can heal two percent of your health per second. After that, you need to equip the First Aid talent. Thirdly, throw a tear gas on the ground near you and when it explodes you will become disoriented, but use the First Aid to heal yourself.

Lastly, get to the same spot you where you were in Step 3, and repeat the process. You will again be disoriented, but at this time, the glitch will take effect. You will find that this will give you infinite health in Tom Clancy's The Division. This means, no amount of virus or wounds will get you down, thus increasing your chances of finishing the game.

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