Apple, Facebook And Google Lead Greenpeace's Clean Energy Report

Apple has been widely known for producing top of the line products that have been patronized by different people from all over the world. But another thing that the company should brag about is their great review regarding environmental care. Just few days back, Apple has been tagged as the greenest tech company in this world earning an impressive score in the clean energy index. Which company earned the top spot aside from Apple?

Apple Joins Hand In Hand With Facebook And Google To Produce Great Environmental Care Online

Apple, according to recent reports, raked in 83% in the recent clean energy index. It is the highest recorded score among leading companies in the world. Also, Facebook and Google gave a fair share as they were scored 67% and 56%. Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services, Samsung and Netflix seems to lose the green Internet race.

The basis for Greenpeace's clean energy index is the clean energy being utilized by companies. These energies are coming from renewable resources and other determinants such as the entities willingness to make energy consumption readily available for everyone. Because of their massive territory in the market field, they have great influence of letting other industries to use clean energy as well.

As stated in a report:

Apple, who came in first for the third time, is playing a "catalytic role within its IT supply chain, pushing other IT data centers and cloud operators who help deliver pieces of Apple's corner of the internet to follow their lead in powering their operations with renewable energy."

Facebook Receives Merits For Being 100% Renewably Powered

Aside from that, it was noted that Facebook is the first big company to be able to commit for being fully renewably powered. Furthermore, the internet company has been consistently showing its leadership role in its own sector. This renewably powered has been working with Google as well, which make the company more impressive than the others.


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