‘Pokemon Sun And Moon' Guide: Tips To Defeat The Battle Tree

“Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” is a diverse escapade filled with various monsters and other Pokemon trainers joining in the fun. It has been more than a month already since the two video games were officially released on Nintendo 3DS and gamers are still trying to get the hang of it. The games have a feature called the Battle Tree and here are tips and tricks to conquer the mode.

Nintendo has introduced the Pokemon League in the “Pokemon Sun and Moon” games, which allow players to access the Battle Tree mode. The Battle Tree is an in-game feature wherein users can team up or even go against past Pokemon Champions. And to become victorious in this endeavor, there are basic and advanced strategies to consider.

Learning the basics of going into battle is essential especially with seasoned trainers and against experienced champions as well. First up is to gain experience by trying out the Battle Tree against different players. It does not matter whether it has to be a solo trip or a group effort, so long as experience and strategies are learned along the way.

Next up, make sure that team is balanced and with up to two Pokemon for each trainer, ensure that the team can endure pretty much any attacks at decent levels. This can be done by making sure that the Pokemon that goes along with the team have various abilities, not overlapping with the other team mate’s Pokemon skills. Aside from concentrating on their skills, make sure to have Pokemon that have abilities that can inflict status ailments to enemies as well as buffs like Recovery and Protect for the team.

With the tips on making good preparations for the Battle Tree system in “Pokemon Sun and Moon”, attacks should be made where they are highly effective such as determining the weaknesses of the team. Attacks should also deal damage to multiple enemies as much as possible. This is better than focusing on one opponent a time while having to suffer the consequences. Hitting multiple enemies at the same time saves time and will put the enemy off guard since they will be focusing on staying alive instead of being on the offense.

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