Facebook Videos Will Now Include Something You Will Probably Hate

Facebook videos are undeniably one of the greatest features that the social network ever released, given the fact that they modernize the platform and offer fans the opportunity to excel their experiences. However, even when everybody thought that there wouldn't be a single way to decrease this feature´s greatness, Facebook could actually include something that might not be thrilling to its users.

Facebook Videos Is A Strategy To Increase The Company´s Financial Power

According to the International Business Times, Mark Zuckerberg´s company has been looking to build a better economic strategy this year, in which it´s included the ads selling in Facebook videos, in order to increase the social network financial power, and give 55 percent of the revenue generated to the advertisers. Naturally, this is a win-win situation in which the only people who will lose are the users, considering that there´s nothing more annoying in any kind of videos than unsolicited advertisings.

Apparently, if this project goes on, the ads might start appearing after 20 seconds from the start of the video.  This is applicable to clips which length are 90 seconds or longer. Actually, this move is a potential inspiration because of the fact that Facebook videos have been an undeniable success that has made users watch over 100 million hours per day, but the makers of the videos didn't get any money for their effort, even when their content has been shared massively.

Including Ads On Facebook Videos Could Decrease The Platform´s Popularity

This way, the platform will use Facebook Videos in order to get to the online video ad businesses, which is currently ruled by YouTube. Of course, this is not the first time that the blue social media tried to expand to other markets since last year wanted to get into the digital commerce by launching Marketplace feature.

As reported by the BBC, a member of the analyst company HIS Markit, Eleni Marouli, explained that even when including ads in Facebook videos is not exactly a popular decision from the social media network, this kind of ads won´t necessarily be more disruptive for the users who loves to use this feature. Nevertheless, is not a secret that this probably the only way to make videos annoying, as it has been showed in several analysis and polls. In any, we´ll have to wait to see what happens.

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