‘Gravity Rush 2' Review: Sequel Exceeds Expectations; Probably PlayStation 4's Game Of The Year

‘Gravity Rush 2' Review: Sequel Exceeds Expectations; Probably PlayStation 4's Game Of The Year
"Gravity Rush 2" has just been released and it is already earning great reviews. The sequel has turned into an amazing surprise and might as well be the first best video game of 2017. Photo : PlayStation Access/YouTube

“Gravity Rush 2” has been making waves since it was confirmed and now that it’s finally out, it has delivered well and has amazingly exceeded the expectations of millions of players around the world. Keeping up with the novelty of the original game, “Gravity Rush”, the sequel surely did not fall behind with its new story and in-game features.

“Gravity Rush” is probably one of the underrated video games because it seemed like an ordinary role-playing video game. But it has proven millions wrong after it has shown a fresh touch of gameplay that sets on an adventure of a gravity shifter named Kat. Instead of driving cars or running around the wild, Kat brings players into a whole new journey of flying and falling by controlling gravity to move one place to another as well as to fight off her enemies.

Anyone who played and loved the first “Gravity Rush” game knew there were a lot of questions that needed to be answered. Everybody wanted to know more about Kat, The Lost Tribe composed of forgotten non-aging children, and her fellow gravity shifter, Raven. Well, that is what the sequel is for as “Gravity Rush 2” covered most of those along with the introduction of more attributes in the game that added up to the fun.

“Gravity Rush 2” started off with players briefly getting a taste of Kat being a normal being, devoid of her powers, as the game delves deeper into her past. Aside from that, the navigation system in the sequel has been updated and modified for better gameplay featuring a map covering all the new floating cities, too, which is actually amazingly enormous that exploring is going to be such a great treat. The game continues on with Kat leisurely dwindling mid-air idly looking for food or anybody she knows and turns into the gravity-defying heroine when it’s time to save the world.

Aside from her original powers, Kat now can yield water elemental attacks that can fend off Nevi by controlling the gravity with the water. The stealth missions have leveled up as well since Kat don't have to scout for enemy soldiers undetected, she can also take photos to gather various information. Once again, there are hundreds of gems floating around for Kat to find wherein she can also find new treasure chests that have more gems in it. As a matter of fact, players can get incentives by giving tips to other players by uploading online a photo taken in-game of a treasure chest, pinpointing their various locations.

As revealed in the animated prequel titled, “Gravity Rush Overture”, new characters were introduced who are going to wreak havoc in society. But one thing that makes “Gravity Rush 2” a great game is that it is actually an excellent sequel. In the gaming industry, maybe in the entire entertainment area, sequels usually are a far cry from the original ones and received bad reviews.

But “Gravity Rush 2”, otherwise referred to as “Gravity Daze 2” in Japan, has truly left players in awe with another immersive fascinating world wrapped in a new adventuring of flying. And it is safe to say, which everybody will probably agree to, that this video game is way better than the original game and it may as well hold on to that Game of the Year title for the mean time since “Gravity Rush 2” deserves it.

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