‘Final Fantasy XV' Guide: Defeat Bilrost In 'A Menace Sleeps In Costlemark' Level 99 Quest

‘Final Fantasy XV' Guide: Defeat Bilrost In 'A Menace Sleeps In Costlemark' Level 99 Quest
Find out where to find and how to defeat the secret boss lying behind the sealed doors of the secret dungeons in "Final Fantasy XV". Complete the "A Menace Sleeps In Costlemark" quest with these tips. Photo : JRPGamer/YouTube

Square Enix designed “Final Fantasy XV” to be a video game that still offers tons of adventures with various side quests lying around and accessible after the main story has been completed. One of the fun things to do in the said role playing game is to go back to all the secret dungeons to access the sealed doors, where terribly tough boss monsters await to be unleashed. This is a short walkthrough for the challenging “A Menace Sleeps In Costlemark” level 99 side quest.

Location of “A Menace Sleeps In Costlemark” Quest

The “A Menace Sleeps in Costlemark” side quest is said to be the toughest secret dungeon challenge in “Final Fantasy XV” since it has a level 99 monster waiting to devour anyone who disturbs its peaceful slumber. The location of this quest is in the depths of the Costlemark Tower.

The Costlemark Tower is located in the Fallgrove in the south part of Lucis. It is one of the secret and optional dungeons players can explore in “Final Fantasy XV” and is where one of the Royal Arms weapons is located, which Noctis can acquire and use even before completing the main story. The Costlemark Tower is first introduced to Noctis when Dino assigned him on another quest to look for a rare stone.

This Costlemark Tower is probably the most difficult secret dungeon in the video game and it can only be accessed at night. To know whether or not Noctis and his party can enter the said tower, just check the pathway as it lights up with glow in the dark markings, signaling that nightfall has come. This dungeon is disguised as a huge ruins of probably an old castle and lies in the middle of a woodland.

Defeat Bilrost in “A Menace Sleeps In Costlemark” Quest

Said to be the hardest secret dungeon side quest, it is best to be well prepared when embarking on this challenging quest. The sealed door can be unlocked by the Sealbreaker’s Key, which can be obtained from Ezma after completing the main story of the game. The Sealbreaker’s Key opens all the locked doors found in the darkest depths of the secret dungeons and tombs scattered all over the world of “Final Fantasy XV”.

Lying behind the final door is the formidable beast, Bilrost, otherwise referred to Bifrost, indeed the menace sleeping in the bottom of the Costlemark Tower. Bilrost and Noctis had their first encounter in Duscae, during the Chapter 15 maze story.

This beast has 649,700 HP and is enormous, pacing a huge strength of 114,210 that can deal devastating damage to any of the party members once an attack lands. It is highly affiliated with the fire element as it has attacks that employ the element of fire, inflicting also same elemental status ailments such as Burn and Overheat.

Noctis can parry his attacks so maximize this as the moves from parrying are usually powerful enough to cause reasonable damage to the beast. Concentrate on combo attacks to make sure no time is wasted while keeping distance and have someone cast spells that will counter fire, most likely ice elemental attacks. Pack on maximum amount of potions and Phoenix Down to be on the safe side. Make sure to equip gears that will make Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, and Gladio at least resistant to fire attacks from Bilrost.

One of the main things to keep in mind is that this fight is going to be a long one, so prepare for the worst. Defeating Bilrost will give the party 6,424 experience points and a rare item drop of Divine Whiskers and some Ice spells.

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