Hajime Tabata And Other Square Enix Devs Reveal 2017 Plans

Japanese gaming websites Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation have interviewed top Japanese game creators including Hajime Tabata and his Square Enix colleagues. The Final Fantasy XV creator is keen on making his promise earlier.

At the start of the year, it can be remembered that Tabata promised Final Fantasy XV fans that they will bring a lot of additions to the game. In the latest translated version of his interview with Famitsu and Dengeki, Tabata revealed that he is working on updates to FFXV which he labeled as a 'great, unannounced expansion.'

Whatever the great expansion means, fans are divided in their opinions about the news. In the Final Fantasy subreddit, some fans expressed their happiness knowing that Tabata and Square are actually listening to the community and doing good their promise. On the other hand, some are taking it all with a grain of salt saying the expansion could be about all the fixes to the glitches in the game. On the other hand, some fans also noticed that the Final Fantasy XV launch and everything about it is oddly similar to Destiny.

Aside from Tabata, Famitsu and Dengeki also interviewed some Square Enix game creators and it seemed like all of them are busy working on various projects. This also revealed that there are a lot of things coming from Square Enix in the next months and even years.

Ryota Aomi is working on a western version of Dragon Quest Heroes II and a new game which he did not name. Takamasa Shiba and Kadoi Nobu are also working on different games but they said that they cannot reveal anything now. Meanwhile, Yosuke Saito described himself as delusional because he wants to put a Nintendo Switch version of NieR and Dragon Quest XI. With that declaration, we hope that Saito will really be more delusional enough to do what he dreams of.

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