Destiny: Rise Of Iron News: The Weekly Reset Just Happened, What Are The Changes Added?

Players are used to with Destiny's weekly reset. Bungie wants this reset to happen in the game because this will not only improve the gaming experience of the players but its also how the developers want to tell the story of the game.

What Is New With Weekly Nightfall And More In Destiny's Reset?

The weekly nightfall in Destiny: Rise of Iron will let the players travel to Old Russia. According to Game Rant, the players need to destroy a warpriest called Kovik. The warpriest is experimenting on an ogre. But this will not be the only challenge that the players will face in the game.

The Nightfall Strike in Destiny: Rise of Iron has new mods added in the game. The first mod is called Epic that lets the players face stronger enemies. Next, Brawler mode will increase the damage attack of any meelee weapon.

The Fresh Troops mod will add new enemies to a certain level in Destiny: Rise of Iron. The Match Game mod makes the enemies immune against any form of attack that does not suit their elements. The last mod called Exposure will be about the Guardian shields that will no longer recharge after any attack.

Not only Nightfall has new mods, but SIVA Crisis Heroic playlist has its new mods also. The usual mod, Heroic, makes the enemies more aggressive. The Void Burn makes the damage from void sources greater.

If the players use Small Arms mod, their weapons will be more useful. The last mod in SIVA Crisis is called Fresh Troops. This mod will give the enemies additional back-up for them.

Crucible Playlist Iron Temple Bonuses In Destiny: Rise Of Iron

The players have two choices in Crucible playlist such as Zone Control and Rumble Supremacy, as per VG 247. The former will let the teams fight over three points on a map. The latter will let the players kill and pick up dropped emblems from their opponents.

Additionally, Tyra Karn will be waiting for the players in Iron Temple. The players need to redeem three artifacts. The first one is Memory of Felwinter. This will give the players to have new Grenade but they will lose their Super.

Next, Memory of Timur will give the players lesser chance of making enemies. They will only have to fight them for only 30 seconds. The last artifact is Memory of Perun. This will make the players spy the enemies with Super Full and who have low health.

Bungie is making sure that Destiny: Rise of Iron's weekly reset will be more challenging as the weeks pass by. Hopefully, the players will not lose their interest in the game even if the developer is not yet announcing anything about a sequel.

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