Final Fantasy XV Season Pass: Is It Worth Your Money?

Final Fantasy XV Season Pass: Is It Worth Your Money?
There’s a Final Fantasy XV season pass that Square Enix offers its customers. Is this season pass worth the value of your money? Photo : SuperB1996/YouTube

Many video games today offer their interested fans season passes. A season pass ensures that the gamer will receive the latest DLC patches of the particular game he is playing. That means the player will also have the latest update or improvements of the game. Square Enix also offers Final Fantasy XV season pass to gamers who are interested.

The question is: Is a Final Fantasy XV season pass worth your money? There's no question about it that this title is one of the best video games that came out lately. In fact, a lot of game sites have included it in their top 10 video games last year. But the question remains: is a season pass of this title worth it? Here are some of the things that you need to know before you can answer that question intelligently.

Unique Contents Most Often Comes After The Game's Initial Release

The team that developed Final Fantasy XV has some great ideas that they want to include in the gameplay after its initial release. You are not forced to buy the DLC packs. However, you will miss out on enhanced gaming experience that is offered by Square Enix if you will not get a season pass. In other words, you will be limited to what was incorporated in your digital copy and will never be able to taste the enhanced experience that is offered by the updates made possible by a season pass.

The Price Of A Final Fantasy XV Season Pass Is Not That High

Actually, if you are thinking that a Final Fantasy XV season pass is expensive, you probably do not know the prices of season passes from AAA games. If you will check the current prices of video games on Amazon, you will see that FFXV's season pass is priced reasonably. Furthermore, if you buy the Digital Premium of FFXV, a season pass is already included in the price of $85. That means you get an excellent copy of the video game with a season pass to boot.

The DLC Of The Video Game Is Not Cut Content

Some gamers suspect that the DLC patches made available by the Final Fantasy XV season pass is just cut content which are being reintegrated to the gameplay. This is a wrong notion since future DLCs of the game are designed to add new and unique game plays to the video game. That means every piece of DLC provided by the game developer in the future will offer brand new gaming experience.

A Future FFXV DLC Will Offer Multiplayer Expansion

There is a planned Multiplayer Expansion Pack that the Final Fantasy XV season pass will offer. This DLC will enable four online players to play the game at the same time. Apart from Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus, this future DLC pack will include Iris, Cor and Aranea in the video game's playable characters. Obviously, the gameplay will be different and the gaming experience of players will be enhanced.

These are just some of the facts that you need to know to determine if a Final Fantasy XV season pass is worth your money. There are still other factors that will help you see if it is really wise to buy it. When considering these factors, it will help if you will be fair and honest. That's the only way you will know if an FFXV season pass will be good for you or not.

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