Windows 10 Creator Update News: Microsoft Chief Says 'Data Collection Reduced To Basic Level'

Microsoft Windows 10 has been in the news for quite a long time now due to its security issues and privacy concerns in recent months. The company has responded to some of them but recently the Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed some allegation against the company. The company has accused the software maker of taking an unparalleled amount of private data from the user with Windows 10.

What Can Be Expected Further From Microsoft?

Microsoft has now been taking steps to make several changes in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators upgrade. They are trying to simplify the diagnostic data collection levels, so that reports can maintain on what kind of data is being sent to companies server. For now, the tech giant is planning to introduce three levels but in the new upgrade one can switch between basic and full data collection levels. "We've further reduced the data collected at the Basic level," said Terry Myerson, Microsoft's Windows and Devices Group Executive VP.

Also adding more to the upcoming Creators version Microsoft would add clearer options for disabling certain options like location, speech recognition, recommendations and relevant ads.

Microsoft's Future Plans For Windows 10

Microsoft has also planned to introduce a new web based privacy dashboard. It would allow user to see any activity in their Microsoft account like location, search, browsing and Cortana data in a single view. The user can clear all the history location data from the new privacy dashboard which is available now. Furthermore, the company would be adding more features over time to the new windows upgrade.

As seen, the company has completely focused on fixing all the issues that the users are facing regarding the privacy matters and have promised to fix all the errors this year soon and provide a much better security focused product and would once again win over the Microsoft users around the globe.

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