Samsung Bixby vs Apple Siri vs Google Assistant: The Battle Between The Best Virtual Assistant Begins

Tech companies have been putting a great effort in producing an excellent virtual assistant for their smartphones. As it was termed, it is currently what people are looking for before buying a certain device. With this, companies have been really serious about building their own voice assistants that would not just be appealing but would be very functional as well.

Samsung Introduces Bixby, A Virtual Assistant That Would Defeat Cortana, Alexa And Siri

According to International Business Times, Samsung, joining the other companies, have made their own voice assistant that would be attached in their smartphones. The said assistant, which is named as Bixby, would be the substitute for the previous S-Voice functionality of the company. Aside from Samsung, it was first reported that Google, Microsoft, Amazon already had its own voice assistants.

Sources told that the Samsung's new feature is based on Viv Labs' buyout. This buyout consists of people who already worked on Siri before. Bixby will be included in the Samsung's upcoming devices, Note 8 and Galaxy S8. Just like any other AI, Bixby will be answering the consumer's questions and would perform tasks that would make smartphone usage a lot easier. News also reported that Bixby would be focusing on Samsung's own applications.

The Battle Between Virtual Assistants Begins As Tech Companies Introduces Their Own AIs

Meanwhile, Google Assistant has been very driven to clarify all user's queries, making it effective and efficient in function. The said assistant has been very helpful for getting things done faster that the user. The company accountable with the said feature admitted that it would be more personalized in the near future.

However, Apple's Siri is yet to proved its worth as it is still tagged as the very first fully functional voice assistant. Siri has been very patient to answer all consumers' question in a more exciting and fun way. Apple made Siri respond in conversational form which is impressive as some reviews would say. But as original as it might be, the said virtual assistant is allegedly outdated than the other AI-based features today.

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