‘Final Fantasy XV' Upcoming DLC Might Have Prompto Tie-In With Chocobo Carnival; Game Sold 6 Million Copies

Everybody knows that Square Enix is not done yet with “Final Fantasy XV” and that they just began rolling out updates for the new installment. After releasing the Season Pass with some items, Square Enix has announced that it will be having a new in-game event that will feature the Chocobos and is said to have a tie-in with Prompto. Aside from that, the video game continues to reign as it has already sold millions of copies worldwide.

On Jan. 10, Square Enix has officially announced that the Moogle Chocobo Carnival will be coming to “Final Fantasy XV” soon as part of its Holiday Pack downloadable content, which was released on Dec. 22 with a free and paid versions. The special in-game event that includes a New Game+ mode and improvements to the game’s camera functions will begin on Jan. 24 this year and it will feature more adventures for players all over the world to take on. Players will have access to the event after acquiring the Carnival Passport.

The event, which stars the most popular characters from the video game series, will most likely introduce another chapter about Prompto. “Final Fantasy XV” has already made it eminent that Prompto has a soft heart for animals and has a special spot for Chocobo, wherein the developers even made his hair look like one and it became an inside joke between Prompto and Noctis. Square Enix will most likely have Prompto take on a special participation in the upcoming Moogle Chocobo Event since he is obsessed with Chocobos. It is not yet certain what his role will be but players will expect in-game bonuses as well.

Aside from the upcoming event, Square Enix is glad to announce that it has already sold 6 million copies of “Final Fantasy XV” worldwide, which included digital sales and physical shipments. The said game has already sold over 5 million copies on its premiere release alone on Nov. 29, which was a milestone for the developers and in the gaming industry. The latest “Final Fantasy” installment continues to sell more copies till this day.

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