‘Gravity Rush' Artist Shows How Kat Wears Her Complicated Outfit

‘Gravity Rush' Artist Shows How Kat Wears Her Complicated Outfit
The character designer for "Gravity Rush" has just given an in-depth look on Kat's outfit. Check it out here. Photo : Soulslayer434/YouTube

Ever wondered how Kat gets in her complicated gravity shifter outfit? Well, the character designer and artist for PlayStation 4’s “Gravity Rush” has just revealed how the main heroine puts on her clothes. It is as normal as it gets and different from how people imagined it.

Avid fans of “Gravity Rush” have always thought what Kat would look like in other clothes as well as wonder how she actually puts on that seemingly complex outfit of hers. The video game’s character designer Shunsuke Saito has just shattered fantasies and showed everyone how Kat easily puts on her famous costume. As it turns out, her black outfit, which is a strapless one-piece playsuit (also referred to as romper), is simply coupled with a pair of arm warmers and knee-high boots (or are they just stockings?) that go in the same color as the romper. The gold frame that accentuates and wraps around Kat’s outfit is actually a spring-like elastic that keeps Kat’s clothes in place, which is logical since she does fly around and fall a lot.

Gravity Rush” is quite making the headlines nowadays especially with the sequel titled “Gravity Rush 2” going beyond everyone’s expectations. The sequel has answered several mysteries from the first video game that had left avid gamers wanting more. Aside from the answers, the sequel also showed Kat donning normal clothes and running around as normal human being without her gravity shifting powers.

In “Gravity Rush 2”, Kat’s past was revealed and players get to play her as a normal being living in a poor mining town that looks like the place where The Lost Tribe resided. As a normal person devoid of her powers, she is garbed in a white tank top, shorts, sandals, and hair pulled up in a tie. This gave players a whole new outlook on Kat being the main protagonist of the story.

“Gravity Rush 2” has been released early for some and those who had the chance to play the said game had all great things to say about it. The second installment has just been hailed as the first most excellent video game for 2017 and even being nodded for being a spectacular sequel. The second “Gravity Rush” video game exceeded countless expectations and even brought more surprises to players that were simply left speechless and in awe. The developers were commended for delivering a video game that upheld the novelty of the game, which brought in players, keeping the challenging gameplay intact and putting in more features to add up to the already stunning animated surroundings.

“Gravity Rush” was initially released for the PlayStation Vita in 2012 wherein the remastered edition was then released for PlayStation 4 in December 2015 and February 2016, which eventually gained it the worldwide attention it deserved. Meanwhile the new sequel, “Gravity Rush 2” will only be available on PlayStation 4. The sequel game will be released on Jan. 18 and will head to North America and the United Kingdom on Jan. 20.

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