Could Apple Kill The iPhone After Its Last Flagship?

The Cupertino company will commemorate this year the 10th anniversary of the iPhone which has been one of its most important creations, given the fact that in addition to the greatness that the mobile device always had, it set a turning point in the history of smartphones, since this has been a product that the competition had to imitate in order to maintain an important position in the market. Nevertheless, now that the iPhone has a decade of existence and is popularity is not as high as it used to be, the unwanted question rise: Could Apple kill this mobile device after the iPhone 8?

Apple´s iPhone Has Decreased Is Popularity And Revenue Power

Believe it or not, even when this mobile device is still extremely lucrative for the tech giant, it is a fact that being forced to improve a product almost every single year, this will end up being obsolete in a determined moment. And unfortunately, even when this moment is not exactly now, it seems quite close for the iPhone, which would represent a fall that Apple cannot suffer, in order to keep its image of innovative and historical tech company.

Naturally, the iPhone represents such an important product for Apple that right is the device that represents almost the 60 percent of the company´s total revenue, which is a number that even when it´s greatness talks by itself, is also an important decrease from the 70 percent that the smartphone managed to achieve a year ago.

Apple Needs To Find A Way To Turn The iPhone Into Something Else

Of course, if Apple decides to kill the iPhone this won´t have to be from moment to the net, since this is an action that needed to be made in the slowest way possible to achieve an evolution, which means that this mobile device has to be turned into something else, given the fact that is almost impossible to make another improvement that could surprise and mesmerize the customers.

Is the unstoppable natural course of thing, as it happens with the iPod, which at the moment seemed impossible that an incredible product as that one ended up killed and eventually disappeared. Although it is still unknown which could be the first move to make, it is quite possible that Apple could follow the tech latest steps and use the VR as the first step to say goodbye to its most valuable product. Everything has its end, and the iPhone will not be the exception.

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